Game Nation ‘Inspired’ by significant  new machine injection

The strategic partnership of Game Nation and Inspired continues to grow from strength to strength, with a new deal to deliver over £7 million in machines across the B3 & Cat C product range. This new deal is a significant part of Game Nation’s ambitious machine deployment strategy and is pivotal to achieving future growth.

Stuart Green, CCO of Game Nation, said, “We have worked closely with Inspired for many years, and greatly respect the team and products they’ve built in the AWP market. Working together with Ian Shreeve and the Inspired teams, we believe that our exciting content road map across our ever-expanding Flex & Prismatic hardware range will deliver stronger revenues.”

Ian Shreeve, VP of UK Sales for Inspired said, “Game Nation’s growth in the UK AGC sector has been impressive and somewhat demanding, but throughout our partnership, we have always had machines available to match their pace of growth. Game Nation is a very good fit for our exciting product portfolio. We look forward to supplying more machines and game content for years to come.”